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About Us | Health Ridge Network LLC - Mount Vernon, WA

In Mount Vernon, WA, you can get healing massage therapy sessions from Health Ridge Network LLC that will relax your mind, improve your mood, and help you find joy in life again. We offer both visceral manipulation and Feldenkrais Method massage therapies to energize you and improve your attitude toward life and loved ones. When you are ready to commit to the healing journey of bodywork, Health Ridge Network LLC massage therapists are ready to help you.

You can benefit from visceral manipulation if your organ system and body structure, including your bones, muscles, and tissues, are displaced or adhering to each other in inappropriate ways. A trained visceral manipulation massage therapist can help you work out and work through the physical and emotional issues that are causing your organs and the surrounding body structures to move out of sync instead of in the smooth alignment they do at optimal performance.

The Feldenkrais Method is a massage technique that seeks to integrate body and mind in therapeutic ways that enhance the joy and comfort of life. When you are ready for a greater life experience, call Health Ridge Network LLC in Mount Vernon, WA and let us help you “restore body alignment with gravity!”

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