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Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais developed the Feldenkrais Method of massage therapy after he was given a fifty percent chance of recovering from a serious knee injury. Unwilling to accept the course of treatment that was available to him, he began to explore the relationship between the body and mind and ways that this relationship could be used to heal injury, improve function, and increase movement.

He developed the Feldenkrais Method for neuromuscular reeducation—now practiced all over the world—as a way to improve biomechanical efficiency and neuromuscular control. The licensed and certified massage therapists at Health Ridge Network LLC in Mount Vernon, WA offer Feldenkrais Method massage therapy, along with a variety of other massage techniques, to help you heal from injuries or the harmful effects of a stressful, busy life.

The Feldenkrais Method of massage therapy involves the process of positively integrating the body and mind in a way that helps you live a rewarding and comfortable life. This, in turn, brings greater enjoyment in the experiences of daily life and minimizes pain by reducing the stress associated with physical, mental, and emotional restrictions. The Feldenkrais Method offers beneficial therapy for people with neurological and orthopedic diagnoses as well as people suffering from the pain of everyday issues.

When you are hurting from disease or injury, you just want to feel better. Our Feldenkrais Method practitioners are dedicated to helping you overcome whatever is causing you pain—whether physical or emotional—and move into a better life that you are happy to be living.

When you need a certified Feldenkrais Method massage therapist, talk to Health Ridge Network LLC in Mount Vernon, WA.

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