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Visceral manipulation is a massage therapy technique developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath, and is now practiced by massage therapists all over the world. Health Ridge Network LLC in Mount Vernon, WA offers professional visceral manipulation massage therapies designed to improve the function of organs and their relationships to the bones, muscles, and tissues around them.

This relationship between the organs and the structures in your body remains stable in spite of the constant, varied motion of the human experience. If one organ is not in harmony with its viscera because of displacement or adhesion, it is working against the rest of the body and creating points of tension for which your body is required to compensate. The irritation created by these compensatory movements opens the door to chronic disease and serious somatic dysfunction.

Visceral manipulation massage is a gentle massage therapy that works with the internal organs to find and release these tension points by using specific manual force to encourage the harmonious motion of the organs with their associated tissues. We offer expert visceral manipulation therapy that releases adhesions, encourages normal mobility, and improves the stability of the viscera and its associated structures.

Our visceral manipulation massage therapists will use the inherent rhythm of the visceral system to evaluate abnormal forces as well as how they interplay, overlap, or interfere with your normal body forces. Visceral manipulation massage therapy uses soft manual force applied in specific places to enhance normal mobility, encourage the motion of the organs and associated connective tissues, and potentially improve your harmony and health by enabling free and relaxed motion within the body.

At Health Ridge Network LLC in Mount Vernon, WA, we dedicate ourselves to helping your body return to a maximum level of performance.

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